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I told you I'd upload sooner than you thought. Now look at you. All ashamed of your behavior. It's alright, I forgive you.
More to come children...sooner than you think.
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Well kiddies I did some house cleaning. 400+ deviations from my message box was too much. So I just...deleted all them. I probably missed out on some good art...but it was just too much. Had to start from scratch. It's spring break. My 100th deviation is coming. In's next. Not sure whether to make it super special or just post my next decent sketch. I'm thinking the latter due to the former having to much unnecessary pressure. I'm thinking also of recreating some old sketches. I've always thought that was fun to do. and...ahem...LISTEN TO THE ADAM CAROLLA PODCAST. It's funny stuff and free...and uncensored!
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  • Reading: pc hardware specs
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Seems as though I'm a little behind on the artists I've been watching. 338 deviations is quite a lot to comb through. Overwhelming I say. As you can see I finally posted some of my acrylic pieces. Painting is amazing. I can't wait to make my own piece (meaning not have it be an assignment for class) which should be sooner than later. I am currently working on a collage piece...appropriation art. I'll post the collage soon and post the painting when it is finished. Still busy as ever. Even more busy now that I'm (warning nerd alert) building a PC right now for my brother. Doesn't seem to like 2gb modules (freezes up and sometimes wont even start up windows) and when I put in 1gb modules its smooth sailing. The modules aren't bad because I'm using them in my own PC right as I type. Alright enough with the compy talk.
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  • Drinking: apple juice...wha??
been quite (sigh...yes...JUNIOR college) and I left my (sort of) finished acrylic painting someplace I can't remember right now (in other words I left it in my therapist's office). When I just started to really get into this site I was laid off that I have my job back (plus school) I may not be on here as much. Meh. I wish I could. And by the way (kind of late but) thank you all for having me reach over 1000 page views! It means a lot. I'm going to start a lame still life painting thing for art class so I will post that (hopefully) as soon as I get some paint on that canvas. In case you are wondering, it's going to have a rock, a razor (or possibly a mini cleaver...haven't decided), and an empty root beer bottle. How exciting. Thanks again everyone for your comments and support and such. Really I mean it. Even though as I type it sounds sarcastic. REGARDLESS!
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Been watching Soul Eater lately...good stuff. Also...I can't stop listening to She Wants Revenge. I really don't like that type of music (depeche mode, joy division) but...I continue to listen with enjoyment. Now my stupid scanner will not work on both computers. Lamesauce. Soul Eater is taking too long to download...
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My scanner is not least not on my compy. Sigh. I guess I won't be able to post new art for a while. LAME.
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New art posts. Need I say more? Thanks to my new scanner..CANOSCAN 4400F...OH YAH!
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I believe in someone? what am I referring to? Meh. It's just lyrics to a mediocre local h song. not that local h is mediocre. I'm actually enjoying them a lot lately. NON-STOP LOCAL H LISTEN TIMES! as you can see i have yet to post new stuff. i need to. badly. but i cannot find my scanner cd. gah. oh um...the holidays...yeah. happy, merry and such. i just need to buy a scanner but im trying to not spend money on crap i dont need. yes. and i will stick to that. or else.
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well i haven't uploaded any art in sometime but...they will come soon enough. I just need to get my stupid slow scanner out that's all. WATCH OUT! at least 5 new i can tell you're excited.
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What is up with the deviantart print adverts??? They're really starting to piss me off. Do I care what "her turn-ons are?" No. I think not. The whole way of getting people to buy prints that way is dumb. A lot of times the adverts don't even make sense. ARGhh...oh well. I guess I could just ignore them. Stupid winter holidays and their crap advert ways.

Planning on uploading a LOT of art watch out!
I shall manage prints

The companies are coming

Flash we upload itself soon

Please watch

As I fly into a blunder

It can be quite tricky

But with a single shot it does not speak

Falling down to the waters below the seas

It will be remembered

Just like Johhny Bellfire was

So Please watch

As I fly in a flash

To save the ones by my side
Tomorrow is no longer death

Death has passed away

But memory has risen

Back from the depths of my mind

They rot with horrible stench

I cannot wash away the stains

You try to forget

It succeeds for a time

Then it wraps tightly around you again

I want to fix the mistakes

But this world cannot make it possible

I'm sorry

I want to go back

Back to the early times

When the meeting was still new

I'd change everything

I wouldn't torture your sole

Make all the bad go away from your mind

I'm sorry

I want to go back

I can't

Maybe tomorrow
Today is April

Clouding your mind

Can't help curiosity

The choices

The choices you make

It's cold outside

You can't see a thing

Been stepped on

Cursed upon

Ignored for ages

It's still April

Maybe it will get better

You doubt this

You can't take it

Knowledge doesn't help

All around you see

People doing unspeakables

You've made mistakes

Clench your fist

Anger is still inside

Still ignored

Tomorrow is death.